Wealth Management Front Office Enablement with Interactive Advisor

Engage your clients with the right content in the right format at the right time

Selected Clients

  • Credit Suisse
  • Formuesforvaltning
  • Julius Bär
  • LGT
  • UBS
  • VP Bank


  • Avaloq
  • Luxoft

Enable advisors and clients to improve investment decisions with relevant and engaging content

Swiss Universal Bank –

Investment advice based on topics and scenarios

  • For the Bank: Reduced attrition risk through better understanding of the client
  • For the Advisor: No preparation, the relevant content is delivered automatically by the system
  • For the Client: Better investment decisions through explanatory and personalized content
Showcase A Swiss Universal Bank

Connect investment and sales teams with the front through guided sales stories

Swiss Private Bank –

Holistic advice with guided sales content

  • For the Bank: Support in increasing the share of wallet
  • For the advisor: Efficiently get an overview of the investable assets and identify measures to close opportunities
  • For the client: Access to integrated wealth management approach
Showcase B Swiss Private Bank

Use content recommendations to engage clients

Swiss Universal Bank –

Client acquisition with content recommen­dations

  • For the Bank: Support in winning new customers
  • For the advisor: Personalized and precise information to prompt a sales conversation
  • For the client: Relevant information to evaluate offering
Showcase C Swiss Universal Bank

Interactive Advisor Framework (IAF) integrates people, processes and content from the investment- and sales process into the advisory process

For Investment Writers and Product Specialists: Content creation capabilities such as Office-like web editors, spellcheckers and chart libraries for content owners to create investment content.
For editorial teams: Content management capabilities such as workflows, channel previews, master data management, predefined data structures for House Views/TAA, portfolios and financial instruments.
For channel managers: Content distribution capabilities to personalize content, to create channel-specific renditions and Smart APIs for push and pull of content to front office applications.
For clients, prospects and advisors: State of the art advisory front-ends.
For Sales managers: Indepth analytics about content consumption behavior and usage behavior.
Interactive Advisor Interactive Advisor Framework

Interactive Advisor – in a nutshell

Why Interactive Advisor –




  • Guided Story Telling
  • Dynamic interaction with the customer before, during and after the conversation
  • Reduction of preparation time, the system automatically delivers the content for the conversation
  • Reduction of time needed to generate proposals


  • Reduced attrition risk through better understanding of the client
  • Identification and closing of cross-selling opportunities
  • Personalized and precise Prospecting
  • Reduced time spent on content creation and management
  • Reduced print costs by increasing digital content and offerings


  • The right content at the right time, in the right format, for a sound investment decision.
  • Reduced time required to obtain relevant information for decision making

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  • Avaloq
  • Finnova

Data and content

  • SIX
  • Finanz und Wirtschaft

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  • Luxoft
  • Knowledge Lab

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