Wealth Management Front Office Enablement with Interactive Advisor

Engage your clients with the right content in the right format at the right time

Selected Clients

  • Credit Suisse
  • Formuesforvaltning
  • Julius Bär
  • LGT
  • UBS
  • VP Bank


  • Avaloq
  • Luxoft


Avaloq Wealth

Interactive Advisor is connecting with the recently launched Avaloq Wealth Platform to accelerate the transformation of established financial institutions’ advisory business by means of an innovative content hub.

Enable advisors and clients to improve investment decisions with relevant and engaging content

Swiss Universal Bank –

Investment advice based on topics and scenarios

  • For the Bank: Reduced attrition risk through better understanding of the client
  • For the Advisor: No preparation, the relevant content is delivered automatically by the system
  • For the Client: Better investment decisions through explanatory and personalized content
Showcase A Swiss Universal Bank

Connect investment and sales teams with the front through guided sales stories

Swiss Private Bank –

Holistic advice with guided sales content

  • For the Bank: Support in increasing the share of wallet
  • For the advisor: Efficiently get an overview of the investable assets and identify measures to close opportunities
  • For the client: Access to integrated wealth management approach
Showcase B Swiss Private Bank

Use content recommendations to engage clients

Swiss Universal Bank –

Client acquisition with content recommen­dations

  • For the Bank: Support in winning new customers
  • For the advisor: Personalized and precise information to prompt a sales conversation
  • For the client: Relevant information to evaluate offering
Showcase C Swiss Universal Bank

Interactive Advisor Framework (IAF) integrates people, processes and content from the investment- and sales process into the advisory process

For Investment Writers and Product Specialists: Content creation capabilities such as Office-like web editors, spellcheckers and chart libraries for content owners to create investment content.
For editorial teams: Content management capabilities such as workflows, channel previews, master data management, predefined data structures for House Views/TAA, portfolios and financial instruments.
For channel managers: Content distribution capabilities to personalize content, to create channel-specific renditions and Smart APIs for push and pull of content to front office applications.
For clients, prospects and advisors: State of the art advisory front-ends.
For Sales managers: Indepth analytics about content consumption behavior and usage behavior.
Interactive Advisor Interactive Advisor Framework

Interactive Advisor – in a nutshell


Why Interactive Advisor –




  • Guided Story Telling
  • Dynamic interaction with the customer before, during and after the conversation
  • Reduction of preparation time, the system automatically delivers the content for the conversation
  • Reduction of time needed to generate proposals


  • Reduced attrition risk through better understanding of the client
  • Identification and closing of cross-selling opportunities
  • Personalized and precise Prospecting
  • Reduced time spent on content creation and management
  • Reduced print costs by increasing digital content and offerings


  • The right content at the right time, in the right format, for a sound investment decision.
  • Reduced time required to obtain relevant information for decision making

Our Partners


  • Avaloq
  • Finnova

Data and content

  • SIX
  • Finanz und Wirtschaft

Implementation partner

  • Luxoft
  • Knowledge Lab

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