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Customers of a bank expect bespoke, tailor-made advisory, every time, at every touchpoint.

This unfortunately happens in only 1 out of 10 cases. Because the advice lacks the right content at the right time.

This means in 90% of cases, the bank misses out on potential revenue and risks losing clients. Every day.

But what if the client advisory business with a salesforce of 1'000 advisors that generate CHF 500'000 each in annual revenues could become 1% better? Consistently, without hiring expensive sales trainers or working more?

It would mean CHF 5 Mio. in revenue - at lower attrition rates. Also from relationship managers, because they love their job as they earn more money.

Let's talk about how we can make this happen for you?

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Avaloq Wealth

Interactive Advisor is connecting with the recently launched Avaloq Wealth Platform to accelerate the transformation of established financial institutions’ advisory business by means of an innovative content hub.

Making client advisors more efficient and effective with smart content solutions

Value driver ‘prospecting’ –

Information on prospects’ interests and investment behavior for more specific outreach communication

Swiss Universal Bank

Swiss Universal Bank

Value driver ‘retention’ –

Personalized talking points to advise clients on relevant portfolio risks

Swiss Universal Bank

Swiss Universal Bank

Value driver ‘pricing’ –

Mass-customized House View to advise clients based on risk profile

Solution for Private Bank

Private Bank

Value driver ‘share of wallet’ –

Guided stories to advise clients holistically

Swiss Private Bank

Swiss Private Bank

Interactive Advisor –

A savvy content hub for research analysts, investment writers, sales managers and other content owners at Wealth Managers and Private Banks

Interactive Advisor –

Managing the research and offering content creation process

  • Create investment research content based on predefined data structures for equity reports, asset classes, countries, regions and other criteria
  • Base content creation on industry standards such as open fund standards
  • Benefit from in built-in market data feeds to automate creation process
  • Collaborate through custom workflows
Interactive Advisor

Interactive Advisor –

Overviewing the research and offering content publishing process

  • Coordinate different functions of the investment office, research and offering department
  • Manage translations and local versions
  • Preview content in all form factors: HTML, web, mobile and pdf
Interactive Advisor

Interactive Advisor –

Orchestrating the distribution of research and offering content

  • Create your research and offering content once – publish it everywhere
  • Benefit from our API library to integrate personalized content on your preferred channel
  • Leverage standard integrations into leading core banking systems such as Avaloq and Temenos or wealth management platforms such as Additiv

Interactive Advisor – in a nutshell

Why Interactive Advisor –


For the Head of Private Banking

As client advisors remain key to private banking business models, Interactive Advisor increases their reach and impact by providing the right content at the right time in the right format.

For Client Advisors

Our smart content hub delivers the content you need to provide a high-touch experience to your clients with automated content recommendations you can share in order to foster a dialogue and therefore act as ‘real’ advisor instead of sales person.

For the Head of Offering Management

Our technology ensures you have an overview of content/products in accordance of your client book to plan sales resources and thus to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Partners


  • Avaloq
  • Additiv

Data and content

  • SIX
  • Bloomberg

Implementation partner

  • DXC Technology
  • Knowledge Lab

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