Embracing the SMAC wave

Thomas Bosshard
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Are Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud the next big thing?

Four emerging technologies are rapidly changing customer behavior and expectations, thus challenging established business practices: social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC). Social platforms, smartphones and tablets, analytics and cloud computing are the technologies we rely on most today. Therefore, it is not surprising that SMAC is increasingly appearing as a buzzword at industry conferences and in white papers, creating a wave of expectations and opportunities for businesses.

Embracing the SMAC wave

Common business practice is to address these opportunities as separate capabilities rather than a unified platform although integrating these technologies into a solution seems to be providing real opportunities for business model innovation. Disruptive business models such as those pioneered by Facebook, Apple, Netflix or Amazon, originate from SMAC technologies as an integrated platform. The technologies have also infiltrated the workplace. In terms of decision-making, one of the real values of mobile devices and cloud computing is the ability to access applications and information from anywhere on any device, enabling people make informed real-time decisions.

To keep up with these rapidly evolving trends, businesses need to embrace the SMAC wave. In fact, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a global market intelligence provider, by 2020 at least 80% of the IT industry's growth will be driven by SMAC technologies. Leveraging SMAC technologies could be therefore be the new roadmap for businesses to drive innovation and improve business value.

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