Adviscent partners with additiv to meet demand for relevant content to support investment decisions

Thomas Bosshard
  • Thomas Bosshard

Adviscent is pleased to announce its partnership with additiv, a leading SaaS and embedded wealth provider to the financial and non-financial industry. additiv has joined forces with Adviscent in response to the need for investors and wealth advisors to directly access relevant content and ideas to support investment decisions.

By offering guided stories and personalized investment content, Adviscent's Interactive Advisory Hub complements additiv’s front-end solutions by providing holistic content-driven advice across a wealth management client’s lifetime.

additiv’s customers and their clients can access personalized, context-driven content throughout their advisory user-journey at their time of need.

Adviscent’s Interactive Advisory Hub provides an engaging client experience that increases the level of interaction by integrating personalized and task-related content, thereby supporting prospecting, cross-selling and retention.

additiv's news announcement

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