• Strategy Manager: Definition of Initiatives

  • Strategy Manager: Definition of Content

  • Presentation Manager: Joint Problem Solving Capabilities

  • Strategy Manager: Impact Analysis

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The Interactive Advisor platform supports the client advisory process for wealth management and private banking businesses across all channels. It puts the client in the center of your activities by orchestrating and analyzing research, sales and front activities.
Interactive Advisor Modules and Capabilities

Strategy Manager

The strategy manager is a marketing and sales activity management tool that makes sure people receive the right information at the right time and in the right format. It is the place where you orchestrate the different activities across your channels. It allows to set business goals to define marketing objectives and to set-up user journeys while making use of experiences of past initiatives (e.g. reachability of target audience by channel etc.). The strategy manager also contains content management capabilities for the different channels you are managing over our platform.

The strategy manager offers the following features and functions.

  • Definition of initiatives
  • Setting of business goals, marketing objectives based on master data for strategic alignment
  • Integration of KPI frameworks
  • Creation of user journeys across all available channels
  • Content management capabilities for the various channels in scope
  • Impact analysis
  • Interfaces to CRM and ERP systems

It is also the place where you can measure marketing and sales impact.

The strategy manager is a desktop application with predefined integration possibilities to various backend systems (e.g. for CRM and ERP master data).

Presentation Manager

The presentation manager is an app for the client advisor to be used during meetings with the client. It allows to deliver content from different sources in one seamless presentation and to use templates for more efficient meeting preparation and more time for the client. It enables joint problem solving with the client by using interactive and educational content.

The presentation manager offers the following features and functions:

  • Setting up and editing of meeting agendas
  • Selection of pre-defined meeting agendas
  • Integration of a wide range of data formats (from HTML to standard PDF)
  • Offline capability
  • Interface to client interaction app for interaction between CA and Client

The presentation manager is an app.

Client Interaction App

Your client can use the client interaction app for in-between meetings or to receive information from the bank directly.

It enables clients to provide information about their needs before the meeting and review the meeting documents after the meeting. It is also a direct marketing channel for interaction with the client via client advisor or strategy team.

The client interaction app offers the following features and functions:

  • Direct marketing features
  • Interaction capabilities with the CA and the bank
  • Interactive content capabilities
  • Various content consumption features such as enhanced PDF reading, search and filtering capabilities

The client interaction module is an app.

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